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Wouldn’t the world be such a beautiful place when communities get together to make an effort to save Mother Earth? The good news is there are so many neighborhoods these days doing exactly this. If you’re looking into HOA solar panel installation, then you came to the right page. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of solar power and why you should be switching to this energy source in your community.

Can You Install Solar Panels as a Community?

For most homeowners, the first impression when it comes to solar power is that they should be installing solar panels on their house. While that is definitely the first option for most, many HOA’s go the extra mile when managing the community by looking for ways to improve the neighborhood. HOA’s can inquire with a solar contractor to look into solar options for the entire association.

If you are the head of your HOA, here are some ideas you can consider when switching to solar for your community.

  • Solar panel installation packages for multiple homes in the community
  • One large solar panel installation for the entire community
  • Solar panel installation for common areas in the community
  • Solar lights for the street and other public areas
  • Solar water heaters and swimming pool heaters for the community pool

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